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Who gave so much and asked for nothing in return!

"You inspired me with your tenderness and wisdom, making my touch upon this world lighter and more gentle.  Your great dignity, and respect for all of life taught me the gift of unconditional love"  (Alice M. Siebern)

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My First dog - Skippy!
Got distemper and didn't live very long
He has relatives that work for Taco Bell!
Smokey! --A Beagle!
Neat Dog.  Left gate open and he ran away and we never did find him.
Chubby! -- A full lab body except for the small legs of a dashhund--Truly one of a kind!
Got him when I was 14 -- he lived for 14 years
Loved to swim--when we would bring him to our camp he would get out of the truck and taking a flying leap off the end of the dock.
SUNSHINE! -- Black Lab mix
Truly my best friend.
She loved the water and chasing sticks
When I was in the hospital having my first baby -- my husband said -- "you'd better come home soon--the dog won't eat and just sits by the door waiting for you"--she did that for 3 days!
Got arthritus really bad--she collapsed at the age of 14 and we had to have her put to sleep.  She died in my arms--grieved for months!
BUD - Shepherd-Lab Mix
Really my sister's dog but I had him for a year--kind and gentle creature!
BOOMER!  Cock-A-Peek-A-Poo (Cocker Spaniel, Pekinese, Poodle Mix)
Someone abandoned her and we took her in. Independent and stubborn at times.   But she was playful and fun!  Had a bad heart and died at the age of 13
Boomer & Rusty
Taught me that dogs watch out for each other and can be "best friends"
RUSTY!  -->
Our Current Dog -- A Chocolate Lab Mix!
What a character!  He'll let you know when he's not getting enough attention!!
Tries to imitate humans!
Very protective!!
He had the most beautiful blue eyes as a puppy--now they are greenish-brown.
Patty - Neighbor's Dog But Likes to Visit -- neat dog!

My Dog and His Love!
(Author Unknown)

He's with me 24 hours a day
and never a word is he able to say.
But he can say more with a look or two,
such as I Love You, My Whole World Is You!
As I do my chores throughout the day,
He's by my side, every step of the way.
When I stop to eat, you can bet he's there,
sitting of course, in his favorite chair.
And if some night I decide to go out.
He'll hang his head, and kinda pout.
He sits by the window, until I come home.
Sits there and waits so patiently--
Hoping to catch a glimpse of me,
can't wait til I put the key in the door--
He's barking and jumping, and barking some more!
Then as I lay me down to sleep.
He's there by my side, his vigil to keep.
And I thank the Lord, in the heavens above.
For My Best Friend,
My Dog and His Love!!