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November 22, 1952 - January 29, 1999

by her daughters:
Jennifer, Cheri, Vicki & Renee (Missy's)

Brendy we call her; our mother is she,
without her around, where would we be?

There are so many things still left to say,
like why would the Lord take her this way?

Words cannot express the pain that we're feeling,
the loss that we've suffered has left us all reeling.

We'd give anything to have her with us today,
to not have our hearts filled with dismay.

She was one of the hardest workers that we've ever known,
through the years and events she's shaped how we've grown.

She has shaped our lives in more ways than one,
with her endless support and things that she's done.

She's so much a part of who we are,
She'll always be with us, she'll never be far.

She was more than a mother, she was a wonderful friend,
but we know in our hearts we will see her again.

So we'll hold our heads high; that's what she'd want us to do,
these values she taught us will forever ensue.

Although she's now gone, she'll always be near,
with each treasured memory forever held dear.

We'll try to get through this and we'll try to be strong,
but we'll love and we'll miss our precious Mom.

Brenda's Life

Brenda was born and raised in Munising.  She graduated from Wm. G. Mather High School in 1970.  She married Lee Tannehill on February 7, 1981.  She is the mother of two daughters Victoria Lynn and Renee Lee, and two step-daughters Cheri Lynn and Jennifer Lee.

Brenda worked for the Alger County Road Commission for over 28 years.  She was Office Manager at the time of her death and served in various other positions during her employment.

Brenda was an active community volunteer.  She was a member of the Board of Directors of Munising Memorial Hospital, member of the Munising Kiwanis, Alger County Chamber of Commerce and Munising Schools Booster Club.  She also participated in the American Legion U.S.O. shows and was active in the Women's Softball League.

Brenda's tragic untimely death has touched each of us deeply.  She will be missed by all that knew her.